Our All Inclusive Off Leash Dog Training Package will allow you to walk anywhere with your dog under control, even with distractions. Your dog will learn to:

  • Stop jumping on you, your family or guests
  • Stop counter surfing
  • Stop barking
  • Stop pulling and being out of control
  • To walk by your side without pulling on the leash, or running away while off leash EVEN WITH DISTRACTIONS
  • To sit on command
  • Stay on command while you are at a distance, even with distractions
  • Come when called to your side from a distance, again even with distractions


Your dog will be a well behaved, calm and under control member of your family. The training is done at a park (within most of Maricopa County) or at a park near a park.

We get all this accomplished in only one 1 hour sessions per week, during a four week course. Why waste a bunch of your valuable time with other trainers that require an 8 week basic group class, then you pay again to move on to another 8 week of intermediate on leash training, only to graduate to PAYING AGAIN for another 8 weeks of advanced training? That is 6 MONTHS of training and not very good results! Training with All-American K-9 you are done in only 4 weeks! GUARANTEED for the life of your dog! We can guarantee this because of our extensive experience and knowledge training high level competition dogs and rehabilitating severely disobedient dogs.  Don’t waste your time with other trainers, train with us and you will be amazed at what your dog can accomplish with our professional and accurate methods.

This training is guaranteed for the life of your dog. If you ever have an issue with your dogs training we will re-train the dog at no extra cost to you.

A well behaved super-star dog, a remote collar, and a lifetime guarantee all for only $785.00 (possible additional fee for travel outside 25 miles of the 101 and I-17 split)

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All-American K-9