Why Train with All-American K-9 rather than any other dog trainers in AZ?

We offer a ONE PRICE in a park dog training package that has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.  After signing up with us, and completing your training package if your dogs training starts to regress we work with you again at NO CHARGE.

Our dog training system is quick… What we can accomplish in only 4 sessions takes other trainers 1 1/2 years or more to accomplish. Why? Experience! We have been training dogs professionally since 1991 and successfully in elite dog sports and a training system that is unmatched in the US.

Our dog training system is effective… After ONE session of training with us your dog will be more advanced than dogs training with other dog training facilities for over 10 weeks.

We do NOT string you along… We work to get your dog trained and to listen off leash in the shortest amount of training sessions in all AZ. We GUARANTEE it. Many other dog training systems have you taking an average of 10 weeks of “basic on leash” GROUP classes. Then moving on to “intermediate” group classes and finally “advanced” ON LEASH group classes. Many times you get lost in the crowd, and the trainers dont care because they will insist you sign up for more training and spend more money. WE DO NOT practice this method of creating more classes to keep you spending with us.

Our experience in training and working with clients makes our system easy for your to learn. Our methods of explaining how your dog learns and reacts to certain stimulus We take great pride in our clients and their experience with training with us. It is precisely this pride that we have that comes across to the success of our clients with their dogs training!