We are the most experienced trainers you will find in Arizona. It is a bold statement but the proof is in the pudding! We have trained many dogs to be highly successful in dog sports, for Police and rehabilitated dogs that other trainers suggest euthanizing. We proudly serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Maricopa County Arizona

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Some of our accomplishments include:

  • The most accomplished decoy in the United States
  • Certified Level I, and II K9 Pro Sport Decoy
  • Certified Level I, II and III French RingSport Decoy (NARA)
  • Certified Level II French RingSport Decoy (ARF)
  • Certified NAPD Decoy
  • Certified ASR Decoy
  • Featured in Dog Sports Magazine multiple times
  • Featured in and on cover of the NARA magazine
  • Featured on the Discover Channels TV show “Time Warp”
  • Featured on NECN channel on the show “Secret life of Animals” for Narcotic Detection
  • Training Director of New England Ring Sport Club (largest club in New England)
  • Training Director of Phoenix Rising Ringers (largest French Ring club in Arizona)
  • Director of Decoys for the North American Ring Association
  • Director of Decoys for the American Ringsport Federation
  • Winner of the 2006 NARA Decoy of the year
  • Winner of the 2006 NARA Decoy Super Selection
  • The only American to earn level 3 French Ring Decoy from 2006 to 2009
  • Decoy 2007 Canadian Ring Sport Championships
  • Decoy 2007 North American Ring Sport Championships
  • Decoy 2007 World Championships (Douai, France) Only American in History to accomplish this honor
  • Decoy 2008 NARA Regional Championships (Chicago, Utah, and Pennsylvania)
  • Chosen to Decoy 2008 World Championships (Mexico)
  • Trainer of the only GSD to qualify for the 2008 French Ring World Championship (France)
  • Trainer of the Champion for 2008 North American Ring Assoc – Ring I Championship
  • Handler and Trainer of the Champion for 2010 Ring II American Ringsport Federations Championships (owned by Justin Gannon)
  • Handler and Trainer of the Champion for the 2011 Ring III American RingSport Federation Championships (owned by Justin Gannon)
  • Trainer of the Vice Champion of the 2011 Ring III American RingSport Federation Championships
  • Winner of numerous protection dog competitions

Conducted numerous seminars on Decoying and tactical training with various Police K9 Teams across the United States

Conducted numerous seminars on French Ring and decoying across the U.S.

Attended numerous seminars on Detection, police K9 tactics, and protection and Sport training.
Randy Hare Seminar on K9 detection (Vermont Police academy)
Dany Maison seminar on French Ring Sport
Dany Maison Seminar on Police K9 patrol training (France)
Tommy Verrone School for detection training
Cheryl Carlson seminar on protection training
Art O’Keefe Police/Protection seminar
Bart Bellon seminar remote collar training
Gianni Garguillo seminar on French Ring decoying
Gianni Garguillo seminar Police K9 tactical patrol training
Samuel Leclerc seminar Police K9 Patrol targeting and development

Breeder, Handler and/or Trainer of numerous
dogs from puppy to French Ring 3

  • Padok De La Cite Des Mauges -UNDEFEATED in North America in French Ring II.
  • A’Stitch De La Cite Des Boston – French Ring III before 2 years old.
  • Achille du Domaine du Cameleon (Aigle) (owned by Gannons)– North American; Ring 1 Champion and Cup Champion at 2 years old with near PERFECT scores. Average of 197 out of 200 – Undefeated 2010 American Ring Federation National Champion for French Ring II (handled by Bob Solimini) – 2011 French Ring III CHAMPION of the American RingSport Federation
  • Olesko Von Sandstein – (owned by Daniela Bedenice)SchH III, IPO III, FH II, FR I, PPD, TD, CD, AD Breed suitability rating (Koerung): Koerclass 1 (for life), (only GSD to ever qualify for world French Ring Championship USA: 2nd place) New England Tracking Champion
  • Baron De La Cite Des Boston – (owned by Daniela Bedenice) Schutzhund III, French Ring III, MondioRing III, North Eastern Regional SchH II Champion, New England Regional Championships – High Schutzhund II (very good rating: SG – 275) Highest protection score (SG – 95) of 31 dogs competing in trial (level I – III), French Ring II (Pennwood Ring Club: 270.3 points); High FR II, French Ring I (New England Ring Club: 174.3 points), French Ring I (Empire Ring Club: 176.3 points), USA Working Dog Championship – High Schutzhund I (excellent rating: V – 290) Highest protection score (V- 96) of 40 dogs competing in trial (level I – III), French Ring Brevet (100 points) 2011 FR III Vice Champion of the American RingSport Federation
  • B’Chuck de la Cite des Boston – (owned and handled by Nikki Lybbert) – 2009 French Ring I Champion (Canada), 2010 French Ring II Champion (Canada)

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