People often ask what the difference is between All-American K-9 and our competitors programs are.

Well at first people notice our price seems slightly higher, but that is what our competition wants you to think.

The programs at All-American K-9 will get your dog further in training, and more advanced in training and with better control over your dog in a MUCH shorter time! While the competitions prices might seem less expensive in the beginning. What you do not realize is that they are expecting your to “graduate” to the next level and pay again… and again… and again…

At All-American K-9 we have a philosophy of doing things right the first time, and at an expert level. We get your dogs behavior in check fast, and under control fast, and guarantee it for the life of your dog. Which means you pay ONCE and never again. Instead our competitors will have you as a “repeat customer” for over a year or longer paying for training that has no end results or goals. Your dog will NEVER be off leash trained. They will give you excuse after excuse of why your dog is not advancing or tell you that the level of training that your dog is at is an “advanced level”

What we have found through years of experience is most pet dog owners do not realize how much they are missing out on obedience with their dog. They basically settle for the level of training our competitors feed them not knowing their dog could potentially be much further in training. Why settle for anything less than perfection? it is attainable with All-American K-9.

You can see the difference in our videos