Why choose All-American K-9 Dog Training to assist you with your Pet Dogs behavior and obedience training?

Because we have the experience and expertise that is needed to get results! We have been training dogs for over 20 years and have trained some of the United States highest levels and most accomplished dog teams in some of the most demanding dog sports. Our resume is unmatched in dog training.

When Choosing a dog trainer or dog behaviorist you want the experience that comes with training every aspect of dog behavior and training. Some trainers only train certain areas in this profession.. i.e… only pet dog training, only agility, only protection dogs, etc…

We DO IT ALL!!!! we use all methods of training to adapt customized training to fit your lifestyle and most importantly what is appropriate for your dogs needs! We use a variety of methods and have become experts in all areas of training and behavior modification through YEARS of hands on training and working with pet dogs, police dogs, protection dogs, sport dogs, trick dogs, therapy dogs, and our resume speaks for itself!

Contact us by CLICKING HERE and we can set up an appointment to come to a park for an evaluation and consultation. There is NO OBLIGATION!