As you know, we recently completed your 4 week basic training course for our recently rescued 7 year old Boxer mix, Tank.  You may recall that we found him to be a sweet, but rather undisciplined dog that was tedious to walk, as he was constantly pulling and “hunting” for rabbits, squirrels and anything else he could find.  He also presented us with quite significant separation anxiety issues, including escaping from his crate when we had to leave him and then proceeding to tear up anything he could get his paws and jaws on.

You trained us on how to use the electronic collar effectively and humanely in working with Tank.  The results have been amazing!  You structured your sessions to give us digestible chunks of work for Tank. After the first session, we knew how to help him Heel and Sit.  Of course, we had to work with Tank daily to ensure that he was learning his lessons.  Before the second lesson, Tank was an accomplished heeler and sitter and had become a pleasure to take on long walks!  The pulling and hunting behaviors were under control!

We learned how to teach the Stay and Recall behaviors in the next two sessions.  We still work with Tank every day to reinforce the behaviors, but our need to correct him is less and less!  In our fourth and last session, you worked with us off leash in a contained area, and our formerly head-strong dog was working hard to conform to our commands and did surprisingly well.  We will continue with our daily training sessions with Tank, as we see such tremendous benefits from working with him.  He is eager to participate in the sessions and would be hugely disappointed if we had to skip a training day.

You also told us how to start handling Tank’s separation anxiety behaviors, using a remote camera and the electronic collar to reinforce that attempted escape from the crate, and other unwanted behaviors, will result in quick and relevant corrections.

In summary, Gerry and I think your training of us, as the actual dog trainers, was terrific!  You understand the thought and motivation processes of dogs and convey your knowledge quite well.  We grasped the fact that nothing will work without regular training and “a parkwork” sessions.

Thank you again for your help with training Tank.  We have a sweet and enjoyable dog with considerable thanks to you.

Truly thankful,

Walt and Gerry Mathieson