Conventional dog trainers offer dog training programs that create a long lasting commitment to paying for training. The normal concept is to begin training in a group basic obedience class for “X” amount of weeks (many times up to 10 weeks). Upon graduation fro. “Basic” obedience you are asked to enroll in an intermediate class for another (on average) 10 weeks. Upon graduating from the “intermediate” class, you will be asked to enroll in an advanced class for another (on average) 10 weeks. And then possibly asked to enroll in an off leash class.
By this time you have paid thousands in dog training and spent nearly a year in training your dog with MINIMAL results.
The difference in what we offer
We offer a one time advanced off leash program. You will train in a one on one dog training program normally at a park. Our program teaches your dog to listen ANY WHERE you go, under all distractions. We train using the latest and most advanced training techniques developed over years of experience. Our program usually only takes 4 classes and lasts a lifetime. We are so confident in our OFF LEASH PROGRAM that we guarantee it for the life of your dog! You will pay one flat fee and in most cases take 4 classes and have results that last forever!
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