Dog Behavior Problems

Is your dogs behavior unacceptable? Does your dog bark at people or other dogs? Does your dog greet people by jumping up on them?

Let us help you to get your dog to be a polite, well mannered part of your pack!

Our behavior modification and training programs assist you with changing unwanted behaviors you’re experiencing with your dog. Schedule an appointment to have us come out to a park, and evaluate your dog and consult you on what steps to take to reach your goals of having a great pet.


We use the latest, humane and most effective methods of training. The foundation of our training and behavior shaping is from years of training elite Police dogs and Working Dog Sports, where precision and reliability is essential. Dogs do not know they are 5 pound lap dogs or 85 pound police dogs, they are either Alpha or somewhere lower in a pack. We can assist you in establishing the pack order in your “dog family” and to be sure you and your family remain as the Alpha. Happy dogs know where they are in a pack, creating conflict and giving mixed signals of who is the Alpha can lead to undesirable behavior from your family pet. Such as being afraid of many things, barking at people and other animals, jumping on people and counters, even becoming aggressive.

Phoenix Dog Training

Having All-American K-9’s experienced and knowledgable trainers assisting you and your family modify unwanted behavior in the family pet is the best choice for keeping your sanity and being sure your dog stays HAPPY and well behaved. Many of our clients experience people commenting when they are walking their dogs “What a well trained, beautiful dog”. You too can have a well trained dog! WE CAN make it happen for you!

trustworthy behavior modification

Our BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION System is priced at your convenience as One individual lesson at our location for only $475.00 (This includes the remote-collar and the price of the first lesson). Then each additional lesson is just $150.00


Contact us to chat about getting your dog to listen to you EVERY WHERE you go by CLICKING HERE