Client Reviews

Initially, I hired Bark Busters. That was a DISASTER. I wasted my money and the trainer Dale was a joke. My dog’s behavior went from bad to worse.
I then found Bob on Yelp. Hiring him was ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS of my life. He is very patient with me and my dog. He understood the problems I am facing with my dog. I had adopted a dog from the shelter and he does not like any other dog or human being. He is very aggressive towards other dogs. He has no leash manners. Within 2 sessions with Bob, my dog’s behaviour has changed about 70%. Now he knows how to walk right next to me, ignore other dogs, how to sit and how to focus on me. I couldn’t have done this without Bob’s help. HE IS THE BEST. He doesn’t play around with words or says stuff to please you. He is blunt which is awesome. He tells you why your dog is behaving crazy and he helps you correct the behavior. It was an eye-opener for me. Bob is extremely knowledgeable and patient.
Atul S

Phoenix, AZ

Most people don’t think small dogs need real training but Bob worked absolute miracles with our 1yr old chihuahua/terrier mix. Leeroy was aggressive toward people he didn’t know and would not listen to any commands. In 4 short lessons Bob had changed Leeroy’s entire attitude, he became the obedient lovable dog we always knew he was capable of being. This training was worth every penny of the investment and I wish we had gone straight to Bob as other training we had tried (group training classes that were on leash only and used treats) returned zero results no matter how hard we tried. Do not hesitate to hire Bob and American K-9 they are by far the best in valley.

Melissa P

Phoenix, AZ

I have a yellow Lab (Harley) that behaved so badly, he had to wear a muzzle always. On a hiking trail, we had to avoid any and all individuals because he was at the end of his leash tugging and jumping straight up in the air viscously growling and barking.

I was referred to Bob at All-American K-9. Life is different for Harley and I after a short period of training. For personal reasons I was facing the difficult decision of finding a a park for Harley before his training. Harley has completely changed and is a well behaved dog. He will not pull on a leash, he stays tight by my side. He does not bark at anyone or chase anything he use to deem necessary (rabbits, lizards, or our cat). He certainly does not behave with aggression.

Bob at All-American K-9 is competent, caring, takes his time to explain the steps of training, professional and understands the emotional bond you have with your dog (family member).

I would have never believed the behavior outcome of the dog I now have, its truly astonishing!

Thanks Bob!

Cobra C.

Phoenix, AZ

We are extremely happy with our French Bulldog now that he has been trained properly.

Bob is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He was up front about any potential obstacles we might have (our dog is extremely stubborn and he caught that trait immediately).

Our dog, Ricky Bobby, was nipping at hands, jumping on everyone and bolting out of the house every chance he got – but no longer!! Ricky now stands in our entry with the door wide open and does not attempt to escape unless he is commanded out the door. We are thrilled!

Looking for an organized and prompt professional? Look no further because Bob is all those things.

I would recommend All American K9 to all my friends and family.

Melody J.

Phoenix, AZ

We have worked with other trainers.  We have owned many dogs.

Now that we have worked with Bob at All-American K-9 and utilized his knowledgeable training methods, Bob Solimini in our experience is the best dog trainer that you can hire. Better yet, his methods are quickly effective and reasonable priced. He is a gentleman and a pleasure to interact with.

Bob trains dogs using a remote collar. There was no incessant pulling on a choke collar, tugging on a pinch collar, pulling back on a harness, or bribing our dog with endless treats. Our current dog began just acting dog aggressive. It was at the point that she was not being taken on our usual walks. Among other things, she had been attacked by other animals in the past. Bob got her past her hyper-vigilence. She never had bitten another animal, however, she still, of course, just needed to be a good canine citizen and behave herself.

Bob had her confident and behaving herself within the first lesson. He explained her behavior and reasons for the behavior. He utilized quick, humane and effective ways for our dog to be a remarkably well behaved canine citizen.

Thank you Bob!

Vince and Cindy

Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks again for your help. Dozer is a much better pet now.
My wife and I took our 15 month old American Bulldog, Dozer, to see Bob after a couple of incidents where he showed aggression towards me and others.  Dozer was also very jumpy and would take forever to calm down when someone came into the house.  We have two young boys and the last thing I wanted was an out of control dog that did not listen.  We figured that we needed a calmer dog especially because he is about 80 pounds and could easily knock over adults, never mind children.  From the first session with Bob, Dozer was a changed dog.  He was much calmer, more obedient and more enjoyable to have around.  We can now take him for walks without him dragging us and when people come over he gets up and says hello and then goes back to what he was doing.  I originally thought Dozer may have been a lost cause because he was starting to enter his adult years, but Bob ensured me that Dozer would change.  Bob was right and we could not be happier.

Joe Vinci.

Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Bob,

I wanted to share my appreciation for all the work and training you have given my pup Max.

Bob, you will always have my respect and acknowledgment that you are the best there is and I am very fortunate to have you train my pup and myself.

Always stay in touch.

All the best and luck there is.


Alan and Max 😉

 Bob, I have to say Thank you! – Though Sadie, our yellow lab is only a puppy – the classes with you were great! Not only for her but for me too!  It was such a fun thing to do with her and has helped me to feel very confident in what I wanted to accomplish with her.

Walking Sadie was a chore and now after taking this “off-leash” class she has learned that walking with me is by far more fun and rewarding than walking away from me!! She is a smart pup and her excitement in doing the right thing truly shows! Though she’s still learning – I know that she will mind, come when called, heal and sit and even stay without me getting frustrated and anxious that she will go do her own thing!! We’ve had only a couple of dogs over the past 20 plus years, thankfully as they have lived very long lives, so in getting another puppy, I was a bit anxious on having a new puppy that would be a good dog, obedient, and loving. I truly believe these classes with Bob at All American K-9 have helped me accomplish just that.

I truly will and would encourage any one to make this investment in their dog. All my questions and concerns, no matter how small or silly I thought they were, were answered with genuine concerns that I understood the answers, and never felt any of my questions were not important. Bob gives off a real sense of concern for the dog that he is helping you with and wants you to be happy and satisfied with the dog, the class, the information he helps you with, and wants you to certainly leave with a satisfied feeling of accomplishment. Use of the remote collar becomes more a tool than a crutch really fast, and such a simple teaching tool for both the dog and the owner.

Just the fact that I know if I have a question or problem in the future, he’s there to call and ask just because I took this class. So again, I thank you Bob – All-American K-9 for offering such a great outlet for investing in my dogs happiness and mine!! I especially enjoyed the fact that the time for the class was totally devoted to us and Sadie, and not trying to work with her and have the distraction of several other dogs. I think that really made the difference – especially being 5 months old, to learn the discipline to pay attention and get 100% of the attention devoted to us. Thank you – and Miss Sadie thanks you too!! – The Picture is her up in Maine – 2 feet of snow – She just loves it – fetching – and actually dropping the block so you can throw it again!!! Your tips on this playtime were great!!!

Debbie & George Parsons

My 20 lb rat terrier, Trevor, had been having behavior issues that were getting progressively worse. So bad in fact, that I called him “Trevor the Terror”. He was really quite a little bully and I had resigned myself to having to walk him in secluded locations where we wouldn’t come across any people or animals for him to terrorize. I had taken him to ‘aggressive dog training’ but all I learned was how to walk, click and shove treats in his mouth all at the same time. Trevor got fat, I got slightly better coordination – but he didn’t get better.

After Trevor got into a particularly brutal fight, I was desperate and knew something had to change. Before choosing yet another training program for Trevor, I interviewed several local dog trainers who used various training methods, but as soon as I met Bob at All-American K-9, I felt like he could really help us. Bob seemed to really know what he was talking about and his confidence was reassuring.  He KNEW he could help us.

I have to admit I wasn’t completely convinced that teaching Trevor to walk off leash was going to help, but literally after the first class, I began to see a change in Trevor’s behavior, and by the end of the 4th week, Trevor had become calmer, easier to manage, and has turned into a great listener – not just a ‘when I feel like it’ listener as he had been.

I always thought I was a good dog owner, but All-American K-9 taught me what a dog needs and how they need to be treated to understand their place in the world. Bob took the time to explain the human-dog dynamic and it has changed my life – and Trevor’s!

I am now able to walk Trevor wherever I want without fear or worry about what he’s going to do – or who he’s going to do it to. He walks in a perfect heel, looks to me for direction and listens to my every command. People have actually commented on what a well-behaved dog I have. Words I never thought I would hear!

If I had come to Bob first, I could have saved TONS of money! What I spent on training classes, collars and quick fixes added up to cost much more than training with Bob.

I recommend All-American K-9 to everyone and will gladly talk to anyone who would like to hear more about my experience. My experience with them really changed my life and I can’t thank them enough!

Thank you,

Jill and Trevor (the Terrific)

I Just got back from another enjoyable and stress free walk with my 5 year old American pit bull. Before taking the off leash course at All-American K-9 , my dog was awful on walks, pulling and sniffing, and very dog aggressive. I had taken him to three other trainers including a six week overnight training that accomplished very little and all three were a complete waste of money. After the course at All-American K-9 , I didn’t even have to use the remote collar, all I use is his everyday leather collar, no harness, no muzzle. I can’t believe the change in this dog. I am buying a new puppy in August and will be bringing her to All-American K-9 for her training.  Thank You,

Brenda Carlson

If you don’t have time to do a job right, then surely there’s not enough time to do it wrong. Bob does training right! Once frustrating problems like jumping up on people, the counter, shredding mail, newspapers or tearing your clothes while playing are issues in our past. Tikaani, our husky, is just as playful, curious and confidant as before training with Bob at the Doggie Boot Camp but now he’s also very well behaved and a loved member of our family. Walking with or without a leash anywhere is no longer a problem. Playing with him in an unfenced yard without the fear of him running off is not just a possibility but a daily treat for both of us. Friends are amazed at how well behaved such a young dog (just seven months old) can be both at a park, or away. Would I recommend All-AmericanK-9 ABSOLUTELY!

Joe LaCascio

My Family and I are EXTREMELY pleased with how well our yellow lab responded to your method of training. Your business was recommended by a co-worker who knew I was having behavioral problems with my dog. We had spent NUMEROUS hours and dollars trying the clicker training method with no prevail. Your off leash training program was well worth the time, effort, and money! Our Yellow Lab no longer jumps on guests or digs holes which were a major concern for me and my family. She is now a welcome and enjoyable part of our family. We would gladly recommend your services to anyone who is interested!


Andy Ruprecht

We cannot thank you enough for what you did for our family. I wanted to give up on my 2 Dobermans more than once. We had been to other trainers; 2 in fact, and we just weren’t impressed and our dogs did not take the training serious.Even after lesson # 1, they “get it”! The dogs are “good girls” and they obey! They walk without dragging us and do not chase squirrels any longer. Our dogs are now focused! Thank you for all you have done for our family, and we ALL enjoyed the training!

God Bless

Love, Steve, Jane, Iris and Eden Hanrahan

We cannot thank you enough for what you did for our family. I wanted to give up on my 2 Dobermans more than once. We had been to other trainers; 2 in fact, and we just weren’t impressed and our dogs did not take the training serious.Even after lesson # 1, they “get it”! The dogs are “good girls” and they obey! They walk without dragging us and do not chase squirrels any longer. Our dogs are now focused! Thank you for all you have done for our family, and we ALL enjoyed the training!

God Bless

Karen & Russ, & Ollie

Bob was seriously wonderful to work with! I have an 8 month old heeler lab mix (finn) who, by all intents and purposes, was not a bad dog when we started training. He knew basic commands, and listened to me as long as there weren’t distractions. His biggest issues that caused me to seek out professional training stemmed from his iffy recall when we were out, and his generally inconsistent ability to follow commands (he basically only did his commands if he felt there was a reward in store for him).

Bob met Finn and I at my place for our first meeting. He explained the collar and controlled the remote for the first block until he handed it over to me and gave me verbal commands on when to correct Finn. By the end of our first hour, Finn (who did not previously know the command heel), was walking to the left of me and matching my stride.

By the end of our four weeks, I’m comfortable keeping Finn off lead around distractions, and while we will need to continue to reinforce the training Bob taught us, he is a much better behaved dog! Prior to this training, I didn’t trust that Finn would listen if we were in an environment that was new to him. Now, we can walk along side barking dogs, people on bikes, construction work, children…etc, and finn stays focused on me.

As an aside: I’m currently a veterinary student, and have been working with animals for quite some time now–all of Bob’s philosophies and training regimens are safe, effective, and encourage an even stronger bond between your furry friend and you.

As a second aside: all training, regardless of what method you use, needs to be reinforced when you’re not with your trainer. You will be substantial differences in your animal if you actually work with the commands you learn with your trainer throughout the week. Muscle memory is the name of the game, and if you’re inconsistent with your training while on your own, your dog will also be inconsistent with the results.

I would highly recommend Bob and All American k-9 training to my friends and family, and if I ever need to train another dog, I’ll be back!

Amirah N

Phoenix, AZ

As you know, we recently completed your 4 week basic training course for our recently rescued 7 year old Boxer mix, Tank.  You may recall that we found him to be a sweet, but rather undisciplined dog that was tedious to walk, as he was constantly pulling and “hunting” for rabbits, squirrels and anything else he could find.  He also presented us with quite significant separation anxiety issues, including escaping from his crate when we had to leave him and then proceeding to tear up anything he could get his paws and jaws on.

You trained us on how to use the electronic collar effectively and humanely in working with Tank.  The results have been amazing!  You structured your sessions to give us digestible chunks of work for Tank. After the first session, we knew how to help him Heel and Sit.  Of course, we had to work with Tank daily to ensure that he was learning his lessons.  Before the second lesson, Tank was an accomplished heeler and sitter and had become a pleasure to take on long walks!  The pulling and hunting behaviors were under control!

We learned how to teach the Stay and Recall behaviors in the next two sessions.  We still work with Tank every day to reinforce the behaviors, but our need to correct him is less and less!  In our fourth and last session, you worked with us off leash in a contained area, and our formerly head-strong dog was working hard to conform to our commands and did surprisingly well.  We will continue with our daily training sessions with Tank, as we see such tremendous benefits from working with him.  He is eager to participate in the sessions and would be hugely disappointed if we had to skip a training day.

You also told us how to start handling Tank’s separation anxiety behaviors, using a remote camera and the electronic collar to reinforce that attempted escape from the crate, and other unwanted behaviors, will result in quick and relevant corrections.

In summary, Gerry and I think your training of us, as the actual dog trainers, was terrific!  You understand the thought and motivation processes of dogs and convey your knowledge quite well.  We grasped the fact that nothing will work without regular training and “a parkwork” sessions.

Thank you again for your help with training Tank.  We have a sweet and enjoyable dog with considerable thanks to you.

Truly thankful,

Walt and Gerry Mathieson

Phoenix, AZ

This past spring, I took my 9 month old English Springer Spaniel, Winstin, on a short walk in the woods.  I had him on a 25 foot lead attached to his collar.  Without warning, four deer crossed our path and Winstin tore the rope from my hands and gave chase.  He was gone.  I had only 30 minutes of daylight left.  He didn’t answer my calls.  He never returned.  I walked the woods and drove the surrounding back roads all night. I feared he was tangled up somewhere or chased the deer across a road and got hit by a car.  Luckily, Winstin found his way a park the next morning at sunrise.  He had no collar or lead line attached.  He obviously got tangled up but was able to free himself.

Winstin clearly needed some immediate obedience training.  I was willing to give up bird hunting with him in exchange for a dog that would obey unconditionally.   Friends provided me with a hand me down electronic collar.  I took Winstin out in the backyard.  Within 15 minutes, it was clear that if I continued to attempt to train Winstin on my own, I would fail and likely ruin this young puppy.   I am not a plumber.  I would not plumb a new bathroom.  I am not a dog trainer.  Why would I risk training my dog (a family member) incorrectly and ruin his hunting drive or worse not fix his desire to chase and risk injury or death?

I first met Bob back in 2005 when he leashed trained our first puppy Hunter, another feisty English springer spaniel.  As a testament to Bob’s results, I am a repeat customer.

I met Bob at his school shortly after Winstin’s night “on the town” and described what I was looking for.  Bob reassured me that he could get Winstin trained off leash and at the same time preserve his hunting drive.  I couldn’t be happier with the results which came immediately.  Family and friends are amazed at Winstin’s behavior.  Bob not only trained Winstin, but he trained me as well.  Bob is clearly a talented dog training and has the ability to explain a dog’s motivation/psychology in terms that are easy to understand and apply.  Knowing why the dog behaves a certain way and what the correction means to the dog was an eye opening experience for me.  Having this knowledge made training so much easier and more pleasurable.  It wasn’t punishing the dog for doing something bad.  It was training him to do the right thing first.

I would recommend Bob to all those desiring an obedient dog.  Winstin is now enjoying freedoms that I would never have imagined he would have.  There is a trust between dog and master.  I know Winstin will not run off from me.  He listens and obeys the first time.  We couldn’t be happier and we have Bob to thank for it.

I am a breeder of quality Springer Spaniels.  All American K-9 is the only training facility I recommend for my customers.


Bill Kennedy

Phoenix, AZ

We have a  20 lbs. Papillon/Cavalier King Charles mix named Little Bear, who lived her first 3 years with our daughter in sunny and warm Santa MonicaCA.  Because Shannon traveled so much, Little Bear stayed with many different people and mastered the art of having her own way.  We picked up Little Bear at the airport this January and she continued her old ways, despite our best efforts to train her.  She wanted to be taken for walks about 6 times a day (to do her duties); and would pull on the leash the entire time.  No commands seemed to work.  When we entered the house, Little Bear would jump and bark for several minutes.

Finally, one afternoon Little Bear had a 1 hour barking fit.  That was it.  We needed help immediately.  We called Bob for an evaluation and started training the next week.  By the third week, Little Bear was following every command and seemed to be more relaxed in the house.  No more barking when we came a park and down to 2 walks a day, even in the snow and rain.  Shannon came a park in March for a visit and could not believe the positive change in Little Bear.

Bob’s training works; it works with the dog and it works with the owners. Bob’s method is simple and direct and is a time commitment for the whole family that works.  A few weeks ago we were at the pet store and starting talking to a family with a 14 week old chocolate Lab.  They mention they had just come from “puppy training” with All-American K-9 and how great it was.  My wife and I immediately said “you mean Bob”  and they said yes.  They were so impressed with the puppy training and were looking forward to the next training level.  We shared a few more training stories and agreed that Bob’s training works. Period.

Dianne and Bill McGauley

I brought my 5 month old yellow lab “Ollie” to All-American K-9 because he was already starting with bad behavior. He was jumping up on everyone, grabbing things off our counters, not listening when we called him and chewing everything. I have tried other trainers  with my other dog and after months of training was not happy with the results. I met with Bob and decided to try the off leash program. After just the first class he stopped jumping on people, grabbing things off the counter and actually paid attention and listened to me. Now after just a few weeks he will heel and walk right by my side until I tell him he can go play, I really enjoy going for walks with him now. I can not believe how fast and effective this training was. I can now enjoy him being a puppy instead of being frustrated with him all the time. Everybody who comes to my house can not believe this is the same puppy. I would reccomend All-American K-9 to anybody who wants to train their dog correctly and quickly. Ollie is now 6 months old and we have so much fun with him because he respects us thanks to the off leash program, it has taken 2 years worth of a lot of training into just 4 easy weeks.

Thank You for all your help,

Michelle Bartlett

Before coming to All-American K-9, it never occurred to me that I would ever be able to walk my dog off-leash.  Beagles are notoriously difficult to train, so I wasn’t expecting much from this program other than the basics.  Walks with my dog were always more of a struggle than something to be enjoyed, and all I wanted was to be able to walk her without her attacking my leg and wanting to roll around and grab sticks every five minutes.  I got way more than I bargained for.  After the end of the SECOND week, not only did my dog stop nipping entirely, but she was walking off leash in proper left-side fashion and sitting on command!  The techniques used in this program address the foundation of the dog/owner relationship dynamic, rather than apply band-aid solutions that wear off when your dog gets in a mood or loses interest.  It was amazing how all the other problematic behaviors (excessive barking, jumping on furniture) automatically disappeared just through mastering the basics of walking!

Christy Burbidge

Hi Bob, I just wanted to thank you for helping me train “Skip”; my 2 year old neutered, male, Border Collie.  I was concerned when I adopted him from my Dad, because I was told that “Skip” had been showing some aggression toward certain people and there was some worry that the he would bite someone. I am so happy that he has turned out to be a great dog, who listens, comes when I call him and is getting better with people.  Even after the first class with you, I could see a big difference in him. I will continue to work with him and keep you informed of his progress. I had heard good things from other people who brought their dog to All-American K-9, and now I can confirm that from my own personal experience. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my dog. As a veterinarian, I am frequently asked for advice on training and behavioral issues. I can answer some of their questions, but some of these dogs need the help of an experienced trainer. I would gladly recommend these people to you at All-American K-9.

Thanks again,

Cathy Caffarella & Skip

The training and support given by Bob at the All-American K-9 met and exceeded our expectations for training our dog! We rescued our 3 year old male Boxer from an animal shelter from Danbury, CT when he was 1 year old. His old owner owned a garage and had Dillon guard it; eventually he was taken away because he kept him outdoors and refused to keep him inside. We started noticing aggressive tendencies from the first day Dillon came to live with us. After the rescue, I enrolled him at an obedience school in Taunton. During our first obedience class the trainer had the dog and I walk through a line of dogs also enrolled in the class. After noticing he was uncontrollable, she took him and he bit her (the trainer). We were told that he could not be trained there because of his aggression issues (the very reason we TOOK him there!). We lost the money we had already paid for the courses and were back at square one! For the next year we tried to isolate Dillon from potential triggers i.e. other dogs and people. It was very disheartening and upsetting to be told, by not only friends, but family as well, that Dillon was not welcome at their a parks. Although we did our very best to keep him away from anything that could “set him off” he would always find ways to run off and attack dogs walking in front of the house or when taking him for walks he would do his best to get loose and attack joggers etc. After several encounters with a pit-bull, two boxers and a black lab we were at a loss on how to help him control his aggression. The problem escalated when he turned more people aggressive and when we had company over; he would be very unpredictable and lash out with no antecedents. We knew giving Dillon up was not a choice as he was a great family dog and was loyal and sweet to our immediate family and close friends. Our greatest fear would be that one day Dillon would attack and seriously hurt someone or their pet. Then we decided to visit with Bob at the All-American K9 Training Academy. He met with us at his facility, where we discussed our issues, concerns, and goals for our dog. At first we were a bit skeptical that there was any hope for getting Dillon to behave. However, it was Bob’s positive, confident, encouraging manner that made us feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel. We enrolled Dillon in the off leash program and after the first class we had regained control over our dog and established ourselves as our dog’s leader! With consistent practice he built up his training and by the end of the third class we were able to have complete control of our once unpredictable, aggressive dog! Not only does Dillon respect us more now, he looks to us to know what is acceptable behavior and what is not. His improvement, in this short amount of time, is astounding! Just yesterday at the vet I was able to keep complete control over my 70lb. Boxer while the waiting room was brimming with dogs and their owners. I was able to have him sit by my side, exhibiting no behaviors, and waiting ever so patiently. The vet was amazed with the transformation from “Kujo”, as she used to call him, to this obedient, attentive, well-trained dog. I even recommended Bob’s services to a couple that came in with an uncontrollable German Shepard who was dog aggressive. Hopefully, they will follow through and enroll him in All-American K-9! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping Dillon become the good boy we always knew he could be! We will undoubtedly refer the services of All-American K-9 to everyone we encounter with any behavioral issues with their pets!

Lenia and Sean Driscoll

Our family adopted a 10 month old French Mastiff. His prior owner kept him on a leash most of the day so when he came to our a park he needed to be taught how to behave properly. Our major concerns with him were running away from us when called, barking, urinating in the house, jumping up on the counters when food was out and just basically not listening. The remote collar training has worked fabulously on Bruschi’s behavior problems. 100% of our issues have been fixed with our dog. Bob is so incredibly knowledgeable about dog training as well as proper nutritional care for dogs – my husband and I have learned so much. We both have total control over Bruschi now and we feel comfortable taking him to public places on or off leash. The dog seems more confident now because we have a common understanding and he knows what is expected of him. Overall, I am very happy with my decision to use All-American K-9 for my dogs needs – I would definitely recommend their services to anyone!

The Cave Family

The Remote collar training was easy and fast. I was skeptical at first, and not sure that it was the right training for a pet. Now, I would recommend it to anyone who has tried another method and is not getting the results he or she wants or needs. Thank you for your practical explanations and relaxed coaching. Our eight month old Boxer still gets very excited about visitors and other dogs, but now we don’t have to worry about her jumping up on them. She also responds to our commands immediately and consistently, instead of just most of the time. Now that I can trust her, I think she might be ready for driving lessons…. What do you think?

Michael & Pat


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