Love your dog but not his/her behavior? Find it difficult to control your dog while he/she is distracted?

Do you not have time in your busy schedule to have your dog trained?

We can help you! We offer a Doggie Boot Camp that will have him professionally trained while you go about your busy life. When he/she returns a park to you, you will have the dog of your dreams.

If your dog is accepted into our Doggie Bootcamp Program, when you get him or her back you will have an extremely well behaved and truly obedient dog. Our Doggie Bootcamp program is designed to get your dog trained to walk with or without a leash with distractions and to sit on command, stay while you walk away at a distance and to come to your side when you call him/her from a distance even with distractions.

We will teach your dog

  • Manners – not to take food from tables, or counters, and not to jump on people.
  • Not to bark at people or dogs
  • Not to chase animals
  • To make walks, hikes and other activities with your dog enjoyable
  • To make your LIFE easier and more enjoyable with your dog

The Doggie Bootcamp is an Advanced Obedience Program that will teach your dog to be a PRO! We are booked on average 2 months in advance for Doggie Bootcamp.

This program offers 2 weeks of training while staying with an All-American K-9 trainer, followed by 2 sessions, one time per week, for one hour. The training sessions that follow the Doggie Bootcamp are held in a park (extra charges may apply for training at a park greater than 30 miles from the 101 and I-17 split), to show you how to work with and maintain the training your dog received.

TUITION: Doggie Bootcamp is $1,400.00 

Guaranteed training for the life of your dog! If for any reason your dog does not listen to you at any time after we train him/her simply contact us and we will train em again!